Baby Packing List - What to pack when you are travelling with a baby?

Holla Daddies & Mummies!

    With the upcoming travelling season, most of you will be getting ready to jet off with your little one. If this is your first time bringing a baby overseas, things can get a little challenging. But don't worry, this doesn't have to be a struggle.  Our advice is simple – pack everything your little one need (or may need) and you are halfway there to achieving an easy-going vacation.

    To save you the hassle of planning, we have some suggestions to keep you ready for your trip. 


    1. Diapers (sufficient to last you your flight + waiting time at the airport)

    2. Wet Wipes

    3. Changing mat (foldable)

    4. Baby Food & Snacks

    Get some yummy snacks and milk to keep your little one full and satisfied during their trip.

    5. Extra apparels

    Your little one may soil their clothes during flight so remember to bring at least 2-3 extra apparels to be safe. These include jackets. Keep your little one warm in flight and pre-flight so that they will not get cranky.

    6. Ziplock bags for dirty clothing

    7. Baby activities (this is soooo important)

    This is super important! Get them a NEW plushie, toys & books to keep them entertained. New items will keep them busy and interested because it’s something that they have not played before.

    8. Pacifiers (if your little one uses it)

    9. Baby blankets or burp cloth for nursing

    10. Baby bottles/Sippy cups

    Swallowing will help to them ease ear pressure so remember to have these packed for them to sip their milk/water.



    1. Plenty of diapers and wet wipes

    2. Bathing essential

    3. Breast pump

    4. Suitable apparels for the weather + Extra apparels for daily wear

    You can always pack 2-3 outfits per day and pack extra 2 outfits for the entire trip. For eg, if you are going on a 4-day trip, and assuming you are packing 2 outfits per day, this will mean that you will need to bring 10 sets of outfit.

    5.. More activities to keep your little one entertained in hotel room

    6. Basic medicine for your little one (fever, diarrhoea, flu)

    7. Mini Baby Dish Washer

    Don't forget this. This is something many parents often miss out!

    8. Formula milk

    Even if you are breastfeeding, get a small pack of formula milk just in case.

    9. Thermos flask

    To get hot water ready always!

    10. Baby food scissors

    Hope this helps, and have an enjoyable trip!


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