Choosing Skincare For Your Baby


As a parent, we all know that there’s no comprising when it comes to your baby’s needs. If you need to apply skincare on their body, it must definitely be one that respect their delicate skin. Goongbe, the #1 baby care brand in Korea, is well versed in caring for newborn, babies and toddlers’ skin, ensuring that their skin is pampered for in every growing milestone. With a formula that focuses only on natural ingredients, it ensures that you get all the gentleness and hydration that your baby needs. It is no wonder why Goongbe is beloved by mummies throughout their 11 years, but if you’re new and do not know where to start, these are the highly recommended products that we think that you and your baby will both fall in love with.


1. Shampoo & Bath (for Newborn to 24M)

If you do not know yet, babies do not need a shampoo and body wash that will create loads of bubbles because your newborn hair is not going to be full of dirt. You will only need one that is mild, refreshing and easy to rinse off. It will be a bonus if it can be used from head to toe so that you can bathe for them easily alone. Goongbe’s Shampoo&Bath ticks the checklist for these, and best of all, it is tested tear-free which means it will not sting your baby’s eyes. Oh, did we mention that it also has a light fragrance that will make your baby’s head smell even more baby-ish?

HIGHLIGHT: Suitable from birth, hypoallergenic, tear-free, easy rinse off from top to toe.


2. Moisture Staple

When you have to use something every day, it should be both reliable and a pleasure to use – and Goongbe’s moisture lotion really is. As the best selling product in the Goongbe range, it has a lightweight texture to hydrate and strengthen your baby’s skin. Once you have started using it, you will not want to change to other brands. Comprising of Ceramide, Rice and Macadamia Seed oil, it creates a triple barrier strengthening effect, providing extra nourishing care for your baby’s skin with a guaranteed 48hour hydration. Just like the Shampoo&Bath, it does a really efficient job in hydrating the skin, without adding unnecessary ingredients that may cause dry and irritated skin. If there’s one thing that you got to try from Goongbe, this should be it.

HIGHLIGHT: Suitable from birth, hypoallergenic, 48 hour hydration.


3. Daily Essential

There’s one area of your baby’s body that is easily neglected, yet needing the most attention – their nappy area. With constant poo and pee in touch with their butt every day, it is no wonder that baby’s skin can get irritated easily, which might lead to pain and the nightmare of all parents - screams and cries. Apart from keeping the nappy area as clean as possible, you can also prevent their skin from getting irritated with an effective cream - Goongbe Calming Diaper cream. This ultra hydrating moisturiser creates a protective layer on your baby’s nappy area, ensuring their skin stays healthy. It also takes care of their skin that may be irritated by frequent wiping and folding. With natural ingredients that help to create a soothing effect, it also reduces inflammation and helps to heal the skin. Slather it on after every nappy change and you will notice the difference.

HIGHLIGHT: Suitable from birth, hypoallergenic, panthenol as vitamin for skin, form a protective layer for baby’s skin.


4.Daily Moisturising Wipes

From diaper change duty to cleaning their sticky skin - if you have to clean up your baby’s mess multiple times a day, you will want to use one that can get the job done easily and cleanly! Goongbe thoughtfully designed wipes is definitely the only wipes you will need. These extra thick, ultra soft and moist wipes comes in 2 types - premium soft wipes and daily embossing wipes. Premium soft wipes are smooth and soft, and is highly recommended for newborn babies with a loose bowel movement. The moist and soft texture helps to protect your baby’s skin, ensuring that it will not be irritated by the frequent friction when you wipe their nappy area. Daily Embossing wipes are equally soft, but it comes with slight embossment, to clean up messes that are harder to wipe off. It is recommended for babies & toddlers with firmer bowel movement, or when they start to eat solid food. What we love so much about Goongbe Wipes is that it is thick and larger in size per sheet, which means that the dirty mess will not stain our hands. We also use lesser sheets to get the job done as compared to other brands. Oh, and we love that it comes with a cap to ensure that your wipes will not dry up!

HIGHLIGHT: Suitable for sensitive skin, allergen-free fragrance, large thick fabric to wipe stains easily, gentle wipes with moisturising essence.

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