100 Piece Creative Pack
100 Piece Creative Pack
100 Piece Creative Pack
100 Piece Creative Pack

100 Piece Creative Pack

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This set of 100 magnetic tiles from Connetix is a must have! It’s a whopping 100 piece Set that has 

    • 6 large squares (15cm x15cm) 
    • 36 small squares
    • 12 equilateral triangles
    • 12 right angle triangles
    • 12 isosceles triangles
    • 6 window square pieces
    • 6 hollow square pieces (door frames)
    • 4 rectangles
    • 6 square gates
  • an idea booklet for building inspiration
  • a bag to store your pieces

Connetix Tiles are wonderful at enabling children to build to their heart's content! The magnetic tiles make constructing 2D and 3D shapes quick and easy, allowing kids' creativity and imaginations to shine. Your child can build a house, fences, a castle, a rocket, ramps, animals, a palace, a fairy house, mandalas, animals, and more.

Connetix Tiles contribute to the development of fine motor skills, spatial awareness, identification of common shapes, and hand-eye coordination - and they're simply beautiful. Place some in the sun to see the gorgeous reflections your Connetix Tiles shadow onto the floor.

The 100 piece set is the 2nd largest Connetix set and contains everything you need to build the most varied structures. Be warned though - Connetix Tiles are addictive and you will want more!

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