Tickle Your Senses

Princess Playmat Set with Fairytale characters


Hands up those who love princesses and all things fairytale and magical! We know so many little ones love the idea of being a princess in a faraway land where they can feed unicorns and meet dragons and knights who will protect them from all harm. 

This Princess Playmat set is all you need to create a medieval adventure with a princess figurine, a knight, a dragon, a princess carriage, a unicorn, a castle etc.. which are perfect for pretend play.

  • Made from: Sustainable rubberwood coloured in non-toxic paints

Best part of it: You can just bag up all the figurines and pack them into a pouch after play because there’s an elastic band that transforms the Playmat into a handy carry pink pouch!

To play: open the bag, lay the mat flat and tell some tall tales with the princess, knight, dragon, unicorn and carriage.

To keep: tie up the bag with the elastic band and carry it with you on the go! 

This nifty set can be carried to a friend’s house for play! Better yet, bring it on road trips or plane trips, dentist visits or at long dinners when you want to keep the little ones busy and engaged in more than just screen time! 

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