Tickle Your Senses

Town Playmat with Vehicles


If you have a kiddo who loves cars and all things on wheels, this is a lovely playmat set to have! We think it makes a great birthday gift too! 

This set includes a canvas play mat, 50 x 71 cm, printed with a town style road system to whiz little cars around! It contains a bus stop, carpark lots, a hospital and other buildings all about town!

The wooden vehicle accessories include a wooden red London bus, a blue saloon car and a yellow pick up truck in vibrant colors!

  • Made from: Sustainable rubberwood coloured in non-toxic paints

Add on more of your own vehicles for a busy day of town traffic fun! 

This is a handy set that can be carried to a friend’s house for play! Better yet, bring it on road trips or plane trips, dentist visits or at long dinners when you want to keep the little ones busy and engaged in more than just screen time! 

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